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Top tips to help you ace your video interview

Author: Attrax Administrator

So, you’ve got a video interview lined up and you’re looking for some tips that will make sure you make a great impression. You’ve come to the right place.

Video interviewing has increased by 40% in the last 12 months and though this surge in digital recruitment was already on the horizon, it’s been accelerated by coronavirus. The great news is that virtual interviewing will save you travel time, is easier to fit around your work schedule and allows you to apply for jobs that wouldn’t have been geographically possible.

But there are few things to consider first. Here are five top tips that will squash you pre-interview jitters and ensure you ace your next video interview.

Do a practice run

We have video technology to thank for keeping us connected to colleagues while away from work and many will consider themselves a seasoned pro when it comes to Zoom and Skype calls. But technical glitches happen to the best of us so it’s best to be prepared and make sure that you’re not blindsided by anything. As well as testing whether your technology is up to scratch, record yourself to see how you come across and how your voice carries. A practice run will settle any of those nerves you might have and you’ll turn up to the video interview ready to impress.

Set the scene

Whether you’re signing in to the video call from your bedroom or study it’s important that the background is decluttered so the interviewer can focus their attention on you. A neutral backdrop might sound boring and you could be tempted to sneak in your favourite house plant or piece of art but it’s best to keep distractions to a minimum. Without any knick-knacks to eye up, the interviewer has nothing to do but hang on to your every word as you dazzle them with your perfectly practised answers.

Dress to impress

A video call means you don’t have to pay quite as much attention to your appearance, right? Actually, it’s completely the opposite. Having a virtual interview from your home office means you’ll naturally be more at ease than if you were travelling to a new location and meeting lots of new faces. So, it’s important to get into your professional zone and the first place to begin is your clothes.

One social psychology study found that when people were dressed in a lab coat and were told it was a doctor’s coat they performed better on attention tasks than those who were told it was a painter’s coat. Scientists agree that clothes have a symbolic meaning and what you wear can affect your performance. Put on clothes that make you feel empowered and your confidence will project right through the screen.

Make eye contact

A recent study revealed that eye contact fires brain activity in the limbic mirror system – the part of the brain essential for establishing a social connection. While you might not be in the same room as the interviewer, maintaining strong eye contact with them will help you establish a relationship and build rapport. Remember that for a hiring manager, an interview is just as much about deciding whether you’ve got the right skills for the job as figuring out if you’d be a good fit in the team. Plus, focusing on looking into the camera will stop you from gazing around the room and appearing distracted - an uninterested candidate is a major red flag.

Make brief notes

The exception here is to make notes. You might not be a note taker but have a pen and pad close to you so that you can jot down any important bits of information you think are worth following up on or dates for future interviews. Interviewers appreciate the level of organisation this shows and it means you won’t have to follow up with an email asking them to repeat any information.

Could you be the next member of the P&H team?

Now you know how to ace your next video interview, the next step is to start your job application. Check out our Showroom Sales Manager jobs or if you’re looking to develop your leadership skills view our Assistant Branch Manager jobs.

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